Vistakon's family of daily disposable contacts

Daily disposable contacts are great for those patients who want that feeling of a fresh contact each day, who don't want to worry about the cleaning concerns of monthly contacts and for the occasional wearers who don't want to keep up with wearing time schedules. They are the best contacts for young people who are new to wearing contacts. Without a doubt, they are the healthiest contacts to wear.

Vistakon's family of 2-week contacts

The Oasys family offers patients a bi-weekly wearing schedule option. Acuvue Oasys with Transitions™ is for patients who spend a lot of time outdoors. HYDRACLEAR® PLUS technology helps maintain a stable tear film to provide exceptional comfort.

Vistakon's family of monthly contacts

Their monthly contacts, Acuvue Vita, offer HydraMax™ Technology helping to maximize and maintain hydration throughout the lens—providing lasting comfort throughout the month .


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